Collaboration with Lana Mint

Lanamint - Jenkastudio Gloves

I’m really excited to tell you about my latest creative collaboration with Lana Mint: The Super Powers gloves.

Lana Mint is a small Zaragoza based company that specializes in making touch screen gloves, funded by a creative thinker and a techie Maria Serrano. The gloves are designed and made with great care in Spain. Maria believes it is important to support the work of local makers and designers, which I totally agree! These gloves make Whatsapping and browsing your phone a lot easier in the winter time, no more frozen fingers.

I’m a nature lover so I automatically picked a green color for the gloves I was going to design.

Also, the inside of my wardrobe only consists of three colors: green, black and grey so the color came pretty much as a natural choice. 😀

When designing the gloves I wanted to move away from traditional patterns and figures. I thought it would be nice to create a design that is playful and fun. I used a design program called Knit Bird to create the design. The large pixels and simplicity of the design sheet made me think of old computer games. A-ha moment!! If you look really closely you can find some space battle ships in my design.

Lanamint Jenkastudio - Hat

Super Powers gloves are made to make you feel STRONG and capable, and warm of course.

The world out there is your battlefield. Whether it’s taking the tram to work on a really cold and dark winter morning, walking the dog, hopping on a skateboard or hiking a mountain, you will do just great. You will do just great because you’ve got Super Powers!!

Photos: Inosolo Photo
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